Saturday, April 18, 2009

Neway Karaoke Box @ 1 Utama

Neway Karaoke originally from Hong Kong. They had open 7 outlets in Malaysia so far...

I always visit the 1 Utama outlet because i find it comfortable and also nearest to me.. hahhaaa

this post is just mainly on food.... since there is nothing much to say about Neway.... believe most of you has been there bah..

i still think at this moment.. Neway's dinner meal is still the best in terms of quality and quantity as compared to other Karaokes Brand... at the same time Neway will be ''pricey''.
But of coz, FOOD is not the main purpose of going to Karaoke..

something to highlight : NEWAY finally has its own Malaysia Website !!!

they had recently change some of their benefits...
Currently, you can enjoy a FREE head count in your Birthday Month but must at least 4 pax.
More than 6 pax will have a FREE birthday cake and a champagne.

the price of dinner (+buffet) for April
RM36++ for Sun-Thurs... and
RM44++ for Fri-Sat and public holiday.

Neway Karaoke Box (One Utama)
One Utama Shopping Centre (new wing)
Lot EZ 502, 5-6/F, One Utama Shopping Centre,
No 8, Dataran Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ, Selangor.
Tel: +603 7728 1499


  1. how much it's cost?

  2. hi welcome,
    the price of dinner (+buffet) for April is RM36++ for Sun-Thurs... and RM44++ for Fri-Sat and public holiday.. hope tis helps

    i think they change the pricing when there is a promotion in that particular month =]

    you can call them on the phone anytime... they are most willing to let u you know the latest charges...

  3. hey...i passed by ur blog when googling about the neway karaoke and i'm wondering if they still have the birthday promotion still on?

  4. thx for dropping by...!
    yeah the birthday promotion is always there .. its their long term promotion. you can call to ask.. and need to book in advance for them to prepare the cake if not mistaken. =]

  5. 1 hour at neway how much?

  6. they don't count by hours. they have different slots time for different cost. you can give them a call (tel above) or drop by to ask about. =]

  7. quite enjoyable d..i juz went there few day ago..


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